Sunday, 2 March 2014

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a beautiful city and on a sunny day it is truly spectacular. Located in British Columbia, Canada on the west coast, right at the Pacific Ocean. Last week felt just like spring which was a welcome sight since it was minus 33 degrees C when I left home in Alberta. I spent days literally walking all over the city and there are many places worth mentioning and discovering if you should plan a visit.

Giovane Cafe and Winebar makes a perfect first stop. Located in the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel right at the water's edge in Coal Harbour. They have a great selection of pastries, breakfast items and excellent coffee for a quick meal. 

I had a tasty breakfast panini, fruit and coffee. 

They have an excellent selection of extra virgin olive oils and pastas and they have friendly, helpful people that are always willing to help you choose one to your liking. They will even let you taste them!

This is small section of their oils from the South and Central parts of Italy.

Giovanni and I were discussing our favourite oils from Sicily. He thought they were all the best since he is Sicilian but, he likes the Teraliva the best and I love the Mandranova Nocellara but, you can't go wrong with any of them since they are all exceptional. 

great vinegar, gorgeous balsamics and truffles

excellent cheeses that just came in from Italy.

 Edible Canada at the Market is located at Granville Market on Granville Island. This store is located across the street from the market and has a little store in the front with a restaurant behind.

Okanagan Vinegar produces some fantastic vinegars and I always buy some when I am there. They have the best iced cider vinegar I have ever bought and their sherry and merlot vinegars are also outstanding...but you simply must try the iced cider apple vinegar, it is crazy good.

I tried some Noble bourbon maple syrup, really really delicious. I could just image it on pancakes or with a crispy slice of bacon dipped in it.

they sold Koko Monk chocolates that were filled with truly unique fillings like Blue Cheese or figs dipped in chocolate.

Granville market is worth seeking out. 

gorgeous fruit piled high.

beautiful pastries, desserts and breads from Stuart's

fantastic selection of vegetables for any cuisine you are cooking tonight.

fresh flowers are always a good idea.

ChocolaTas has the freshest, yummiest Belgian chocolates at Granville.

Oyama Sausage company makes the best charcuterie. They have wonderful salamis and saucisson with wine and cognac and lavender etc....

 you can get lots of choices in fresh pasta and olives

Benton Brothers has an exceptional selection of some very fine cheeses. They are very willing to help you choose one you will like.

I can't forget the phenomenal selection of fish and seafood since we are on the pacific ocean. 

Have you ever tried salmon candy?? It is smoked and sweet and addictive. 

I love the maple glazed salmon and it makes a perfect snack.

outside the Granville Market is a little store that hand makes brooms and this was the ultimate Canadian since the broom handle is a hockey stick.

A short trip across the Granville bridge and you can go to another gourmet store that sells excellent oils, pastas, fresh charcuterie and flowers. Lusso Verde is bright and pretty with friendly staff.

Thierry is a beautiful little pastry shop on Alberni St. where you can stop in for a piece of heaven and a great coffee or take home something wonderful.

They have so many good things but they are known for their spectacular macarons and chocolates. I bought a box with some of each of today's selection: maple pecan, lime, vanilla and salted caramel.

Whole Foods on Robson is my kind of place for a fresh breakfast. I always get the ABC plus Kale. That is a Apple, Beet, Carrot and Kale juice and mixed fruits.

We had a wonderful dinner at Joe Forte's. It was my first time at this landmark restaurant.

Sorry the pictures are bad but, it was very dark. The beef carpaccio with crunchy bites of flaked salt and a mustard sauce was soooooooo yummy.

I had my first oyster! Surprisingly good but, I have to say I don't see the point of the calories if you don't actually eat the thing and just slide it down your throat but, now I can say I have tried them.

tempura crab
buttery sable fish.
a gorgeous tuna steak

Jinja Ramen on Robson. 

Spicy chicken ramen was awsome.

You have never seen a prettier nut shop than Ayoub's on Denman. They fresh roast daily and have a sensational selection of things to buy there or online. They will ship anywhere. I bought some fresh pistachios and the mixed nuts with lime and chili spice. Outstanding!


I love to eat but, I have also learned to love to walk it off. On this day I walked around the seawall that surrounds lovely Stanley Park and walking 8.5km helps.

Come visit Vancouver you will be glad you did.

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