Monday, 11 March 2013

Blood Orange Slices with Olive Oil and Basil

This is Debra's fantastic Blood Orange slices with Olive Oil and Fresh Basil. Not only is this the most beautiful looking appetizer but, it is a simply gorgeous combination of a few perfect components. It is so good it is ridiculous! I just received my  new 2013 olive oil in the mail today from and it's peppery freshness contrasted so well with the sweet oranges and basil. The flaky sea salt is also perfect in this dish and if you sop up all of it with a nice piece of french bread you will be blown away!!

You will need:

  • 3-4 blood oranges - skin removed and oranges sliced thin.
  • fresh tender basil leaves
  • Maldon - or any flaked sea salt
  • French baguette bread
  • Your BEST olive oil - young and peppery like Amelia Oil 2013 

Step 1: With a sharp knife remove top and bottom of orange rind. Carefully slice down the outside of the fruit to remove all the peel. Slice into thin rings and place on a plate.

Step 2: Slice some nice French baguette like the one from Ace bakery.  I am so happy I can get this in Calgary (since it's a Toronto Bakery) Invest in at least one great olive oil for this kind of  meal. I just got the new harvest of Amelia Oil imported from Umbria, Italy. 

Step 3: arrange a few small basil leaves which make the oranges look like flowers and pour on the glorious oil and a final sprinkle of salt and TA DA!! 

Dip the bread, add a slice of orange and some basil!!

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