Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

There is no reason to go out and buy a breakfast sandwich when it takes just minutes to make. 

You will need:

  • 1 egg
  • salt/pepper
  • sprinkle of Italian seasoning
  • optional 1 tsp milk
  • small bagels (I use weight watchers whole wheat- they are the perfect size!)
  • 1 slice ham or turkey
  • 1 slice Swiss cheese
  • 1 slice tomato
  • mustard or ketchup or barbecue sauce- whatever you like!


Step 1: in a small ramekin add the egg and whisk for a scrambled egg or leave whole if you prefer. Add salt, pepper, a sprinkle of Italian seasoning and milk if you like.

Step 2: I rarely use my microwave but, in this instance it makes a perfect shaped egg in less than 1 minute. I microwave for 20 seconds, then I look at it to make sure it still needs more time, then I microwave for an additional 15 seconds and it is puffy and perfect. You might need to run a knife around the ramekin but, it should pop right out. No oil or butter is required but, for the flavour you could brush the ramekin before adding the egg.

Step 3: I like to fry the ham or turkey to get it a bit crispy. Toast the bagel and place your cheese, tomato, perfect little egg and ham on the bottom. I use mustard on the top of the bagel but, you add whatever makes you happy!

Good Morning!

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